Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest and support for FMWM Europe and for Lynn Sue and me. We count it a privilege to be a friend and a partner in God’s great Kingdom work.

In 2013 FMWM Europe was divided into three regions – north, central, south. Bishop Roller asked Lynn Sue and me to serve as Regional Director, FMWM northern Europe. It was primarily a ministry of encouragement where we would make two annual trips for face-to-face time but also responsible for oversight of budgets and personnel. It was a two-year experiment that turned into six wonderful years, working with Team Europe.

Now, in 2019, FMWM Europe is being structured as one of the five world areas (Africa, Asia, Mideast, Latin America, and Europe) and Josh Fajardo, missionary to Spain, has been named as Area Director-Europe. Josh, along with Set Free Director, Kevin Austin, asked Lynn Sue and me to stay connected and involved in Europe and asked us to take a new role as the Area Pastor to missionaries and ministry leaders in Europe. This role is one of soul-care. We will spend our time listening to, reflecting with and praying for the missionaries and leaders in Europe. We will continue to make two annual trips but our time will be spent with missionary visits for soul-care rather than administrative or positional oversight.

We are excited about this new role and anticipate it will be a smooth transition since we already know and have a relationship with Team Europe. We are asking you for three commitments:

  1. Be a prayer-team partner, praying regularly for us and Europe
  2. Be a promoter, inviting others to be part of the story of FMWM Europe
  3. Be a partner, giving to our expense account, Europe CPDs and MSAs. Please send checks to FMWM, 770 N High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46214, memo line-Europe-Pierces, or online



Dr. Mitch Pierce, Pastor to missionaries in Europe