If you are reading this, I hope that God is stirring in your heart a desire to launch a new church.
Is planting with the Genesis Conference a good match for you? Perhaps.
We are open to a variety of styles of church plants. Attractional, missional, experimental, we’re open. We do expect church planters to have some gifts and graces for the journey ahead, however. We are looking for church planters who are:
  • people with a track record of successfully starting things, seeing them get off the ground (apostles)
  • people with a deep love of God and a deep love of people
  • people with a love and knowledge of God’s Word
  • spiritually and emotionally healthy people, free from addictions
  • people with strong communication skills
  • people with a clear sense of vision and call for planting
  • people in line with our Free Methodist theology and practice (more below)
If you are interested in launching an attraction model church (with a focus on the Sunday morning service), know that Genesis and our TEAM Church Planting group have successfully launched multiple attractional churches over the past ten years. We have funds to launch another, and are looking for the right planter (an assessment will be needed). 
If you are interested in planting a missional or other model of church, be willing to journey with us as we experiment with new forms of church in this region. If you are a good match to us, we can provide training, but do understand that most of these churches will require a bi-vocational pastor for what could be a long season.
If you are unfamiliar with the Free Methodist denomination, let me tell you a bit about us…
-The Bible is foundational. When we are looking for answers it’s where we start and finish.
-Our understanding of the Bible includes:
  • a God who calls us to live a new, transformed life as we follow Jesus (holy and whole)
  • a God who calls us to be agents of change in our world (social justice)
  • a God who calls and gifts both men and women to all levels of leadership (we ordain women)
  • Jesus offers His new life to all who will receive (Salvation is offered to all, not just the elect)
  • The Holy Spirit is active today, and guides each follower of Jesus and His Church
  • We believe all people are equally created in the image of God, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, & gender
-We are connectional. We are connected in community to one another, and the local church and pastor reports and is responsible to the regional Conference, which in turn reports and is responsible to the national denomination. We submit to one another.
-We have freedom on styles of worship as well as local church structure. The Genesis Conference has highly contemporary mega churches, small traditional rural churches, quasi-charismatic churches, liturgical churches… and everything in between.
Are you called to plant? Do we seem like a match for you? Get in touch. Give the Conference office a call, and upload your resume on the jobs page.
With Hope,
Rev. Pam Braman
Superintendent, Genesis Conference
P.S. – Check out a good blog on reasons NOT to plant a church: