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AC24: Courage

May 16-17, 2024

New Life Ministries • 201 Hill Ave • Endicott, NY  13760

April 30, 2024 – Registration is closed.
Contact the Genesis Conference office for more information

Who should attend AC24? All Ordained pastors, Licensed Pastors, CMCs, and local lay delegates.
All others are welcome.

Schedule – Day 1

May 16

9:30 Registration opens
10:30 Organization of AC24

  • Worship
  • Sup’t Pam Braman:
    Courage to Be with Jesus
  • Personal Prayer Time
  • Communion
  • Interview with Bishop Kaye Kolde
  • BOA Report
  • Nominating Committee Report
  • Election

12:15 LUNCH

  • Pastors: Meet with your CCGs
  • Delegates LUNCH: Power Up Room
  • CMCs: Merge Game Room

1:15 Afternoon Session

  • Election Report
  • MEG Report
  • Break
  • Deacon Consecration
  • Mission District S Update

3:35 Sup’t Pam Braman:
            Courage to Confess
4:00 Workshop #1 (See below_
4:45 Break for Dinner
6:30 Ordination Service
9:00 Adjourn

Schedule – Day 2

May 17

8 AM Registration open
9:00 Call to Order and Worship
9:25 Bishop Kaye Kolde:
            Courage to Advance the Mission
10:15 Break & Fellowship
10:30 Workshop #2 (See below)
11:30 Workshop #3 (See below)
12:15 LUNCH
1:15 Afternoon Session
1:45 Sup’t Pam Braman:
            Courage to Live Strangely

  • Time of Community Prayer
  • Service of Sending

3:30 AC24 Adjourns


Workshop 1 – Thursday – 4 PM

FOR ORDINANDS: During the first workshop session, ordinands will meet with the bishop and superintendent  Worship Center

Get over your technology:
The courage to set boundaries
Jason Tarnowski
Technology is a tool, meant for us to control and use. How can we avoid letting the tool of technology use and control us? Orange Room

Get over the fear of your body:
The courage to engage your body for authentic change
Rebecca Letterman
Come and experience how integrated your body is in a vital life with Jesus, and learn how to engage your body
for authentic, lasting change. Blue Room

Get over the fear of criticism:
The courage to love your worst critics
Ryan Rovito
Confessing our fear of criticism, let’s redefine our relationship with negative feedback using practical, embodied, and non-judgemental tools so that we, and the church communities we love, might flourish. Training Room

Get over your insecurities:
The courage to step in and speak up
Febe Fermin
Become willing to step into areas of discomfort (unfamiliar settings, difficult conversations and more) in order to step in to what God has for you. Yellow Room

Get over your fear of the stranger:
The courage to welcome
Heritage Munyakuri
Through confession, prayer, and discussion, we’ll learn practical tools and strategies to build bridges and crate a culture of welcome in our communities.3rd Floor Multi-Space

Get over isolation:
The courage to allow the needs of the world to break your heart
Gerry Coates
With no lack of opportunity to respond to crises around the world, where do we find the balance between compassion fatigue and isolation? With reflection from scripture and real-life experiences from around the globe.  Power Up Room

Get over your fear of sharing power:
The courage to empower others
Vern Saile and John Keller
Learn to share both power and pulpit with great generosity. Green Room

Get over the fear of making the miraculous known: The courage to celebrate
Dodi McIntyre
The Lord is at work powerfully among us! But do you hesitate to let people know? Merge Worship

Workshop 2 – Friday – 10:30 AM

Get over your lack of discipline:
The courage to meet the demands of reality

Joe Wickman
With so many demands on your plate, how do you stay sane? Learn how to face the challenges head on. Orange Room

Get over cookie cutter ministry:
The courage to fan an authentic flame

Joel Shue
It’s easy to hear about a church or ministry that is succeeding and want to follow their plan. But what if the Lord is inviting you to something different?  Merge Worship

Get over your need to control:
The courage to delegate

Jen Westervelt and Cathy Albrecht
Have you ever realized that giving someone else an opportunity to serve the Lord can unleash blessings for both of you? It’s time. Yellow Room

Get over the fear of going & sending:
The courage to launch a church or campus

Pam Braman
The Lord invites us to go, and send, and multiply. What’s holding you or your church back?
Worship Center

Get over watering-down the Word of God:
The courage to dive deep

Jim LaBarr
A common pitfall of preaching is a sermon based on a clever idea, supplemented with a side of Scripture. What if we learned to know and trust the text, so that the preacher and people might hear what the Spirit said and is saying today?
Power Up Room 

Get over your local focus:
The courage to engage the world

John Tassone and Mike Kuhlkin
107 degree heat? No indoor plumbing? Why would you ever want to venture out and engage the rest of the world?  Learn more about the work in Senegal and how you and your church can get connected.  Training Room

Get over your fear of evaluation:
The courage to embrace reality

Mark Rouse
It’s easy to get defensive in the face of evaluation, but without the courage to clarify reality through evaluation we won’t see breakthrough. Green Room

Get over your hurts:
The courage to live in freedom and forgiveness

Sandi Burroughs and Greg Harp
Wounds and hurts can easily keep us from moving forward (both as individuals and as churches). Take a step towards freedom. Blue Room

Get over your fear of people different than you:
The courage to reach out

Henry Ausby
It’s too easy to fear people who seem far different than you. But Jesus came to the whole world, and asks us to as well. Courageously reach out.
3rd Floor Multi-Space

Workshop 3 – Friday – 11:30 AM

Get over your wimpy prayers:
The courage to pray boldly

Bishop Kaye Kolde
We will look together at some of the teaching from Jesus on prayer and how Paul models that for us. Then we will put it into practice together!
Worship Center

Get over what you’re stuck under:
The courage to ask for a listening elder

Adam Stein
First Corinthians 10:1-13 is encouragement to reach out when the temptations and trials of life or ministry are threatening to keep you stuck in a place you don’t want to be. Orange Room

Get over protecting what was and is:
The courage to bring change

Simon Knighten
What happens when a long-loved program is no longer fruitful? Time to bring change.
Power Up Room 

Get over resisting your call:
The courage to say “yes” to God

Katrina Wilkins
Learning to say “yes” to God, when you aren’t sure what you are saying “yes” to can take courage. Green Room 

Get over singing:
The courage to worship with abandonment

Eric Logan
Are you or your church stuck in going through the motions when it comes to what we call “worship”? Learn to re-align your heart with a deep desire for God. Merge Worship

Get over waiting for the unchurched to come through your doors.
Have the courage to get into your community

Kim Roth
We often think to reach our community it will require a ton of resources, but what if it was as simple as having a willing heart and a kickball? Yellow Room

Get over being offended:
The courage to walk in humility

Andy Haskins
We live in a culture where people quickly become offended by words and actions. Has this culture of offense crept into your church… or your own soul?  Training Room

Get over your fear of evangelism:
The courage to share the gospel

Jordan Dunlap
Find new confidence in sharing God’s love and truth with those around you  –  and empower your church to do the same. Blue Room