There is something of a legend of God’s amazing work that is a part of the fabric of Heritage Ministries, which can also lead our friends to urgent prayer today. I will paraphrase from the bits and pieces of what I have heard. I know we have staff and residents who can add more color and information to the story. 

Heritage Ministries originally was founded in 1886 as an orphanage- The Gerry Homes. When the original orphanage was built, some of the local Christians prayed diligently over the wooden structure, that it would never catch on fire, that God would have His hand of protection on those who resided there. Over time, The Gerry Homes also grew to provide care to Seniors, which ultimately became the primary calling of Heritage Ministries. Once the former orphanage building was no longer needed, it was planned to be used by the local fire department for a controlled-burn training exercise.

The building wouldn’t catch on fire. 

The “legend” has it that the local Amish community had to be contacted, to tear the building down by hand.

Incredible things can happen when God’s people pray.

What if God were to do a similar mighty act of protection in our day? Would you and your church be willing to stand in prayer over the residents of Heritage Ministries during this time?

Obviously, we are all aware of the challenging circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Heritage Ministries is prepared with all diligence to continue serving our residents if cases come closer to our facilities. But we are also prayerful

We are asking our friends and partners to pray specifically that all Heritage Ministries locations would be spared from residents or workers contracting COVID-19. 

This would be another wonderful testimony to the goodness of God, and a miraculous work that could draw many people closer to Him.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer.

If you would be interested in discussing these things more, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Chaplain Larry Petry
Senior Chaplain, Heritage Ministries
(716) 490- 5480