Our Leaders

It’s a pleasure to serve as the Superintendent of the Genesis Conference, leading, resourcing, and networking the leaders who call Genesis home.

The people of Genesis have a deep love for God, a desire to serve, and a passion to transform the world around them through the love and power of Christ.

It’s a group that has an unusual combination of a rich history and an entrepreneurial spirit, and deep relationships with welcoming open arms.

I trust that you, like me, will find a warm welcome here.

With Hope,

Pam Braman
(585) 617-5421

Field Superintendents

l to r, front row: Henry Ausby, John Tassone (on screen), Pam Braman
l to r, 2nd row:  Louis E Colon, Dodi McIntyre, Rick Rouse, Vern Saile
l to r, 3rd row: Roberta Mosier-Peterson, Adam Stein
4th row: Jen Westervelt
top row: John Keller

Field Superintendents are experienced, fruitful local pastors who oversee a handful of other churches (their “field”) within Genesis.  Field Superintendents pray for, coach, and resource pastors, and are part of the church evaluation and appointment process. Every attempt is made to pair pastors and churches with Field Superintendents who will assist them into their next level of leadership and ministry.  This is a great team who volunteer their time as Field Superintendents in order to see our churches fruitful and multiplying.

Our current Field Superintendents and the churches they oversee are:

To email your Field Superintendent, click on their name.

Jen Westervelt
Cornerstone Community, Buffalo
Living Word, Cortland
New Life CNY,  Liverpool
Colonial Heights, Niagara Falls
New Life One, Oneonta
New Life CNY, Syracuse

Roberta Mosier-Peterson
Hope Rising, Brocton
Roberts Memorial, Cattaraugus
Faith Lighthouse Chapel, E Randolph
Brooklyn Center, E Otto
Norwood FMC
St. Regis Falls FMC
South Dayton FMC

Rick Rouse
Eastside, Fairport
Gowanda FMC
Open Arms Community, N Tonawanda
New Hope Church, Rochester
Grace Ridge, Williamson
Yorkshire FMC

John Tassone
El Shaddai, Buffalo
El Shaddai, Rochester
Syracuse African
Prepare the Way, Syracuse
New work in Senegal

Vern Saile
Albion FMC
Community of the Savior, Rochester
New Beginnings, Wampsville
Valley  Chapel, Warsaw

John Keller
Crosspoint, Parma
Heart & Soul Community, Rochester
Park Ridge, Rochester
FreeChurch.net, Rochester
Crossroads Community, Webster

Dodi McIntyre
Alton FMC
Ransomville FMC
Rose FMC
Tonawanda FMC

Henry Ausby
Freedom Center, Elmira

Louis E Colon
Nueva Vision, Buffalo

Adam Stein
Belfast FMC
Dansville FMC
Hornell FMC
Hope Chapel, Perry
Salamanca FMC

OneChurch, Akron/Medina
Creekside Chapel, Allegany
Northgate, Batavia
Hands of Hope, Binghamton
Brockport FMC
Epic Church, Buffalo
New Life Ministries, Endicott
Franklinville FMC
Harvest Chapel, Fredonia
Joy Fellowship, Jamestown
Pearce Church, N Chili
cvfree, Norwich
Cross Creek, Palmyra
Edgewood Church, Rochester
Encounter Church, Sayre, PA

Administrative Resources

Honna Curtis
Dir. Financial Services

Dave Francis
Dir. of Operational Services

Katrina Wilkins
Ass’t to the Superintendent

Ellen Horton

Our Boards

Board of Administration

Pam Braman – ex-officio, Superintendent
Troy Bassett – clergy, 2023
Ariel Wich – clergy, 2023, Vice-Chair
Carolyn Stiffler – lay, 2023
Joe Wickman – clergy, 2024, Chair
Paul Britton – lay, 2024
Bill McIntyre – lay, 2024
Michael Rivera – clergy, 2025
Rachel Anderson – lay, 2025
open position – lay, 2025

Brian Roth – clergy, 2023, Conference Secretary
Rachel Anderson – lay, 2023, Conference Treasurer
Honna Curtis – ex-officio, Dir. of Financial Services
David Francis – ex-officio, Dir. of Operations

Conference MEG/MAC Board
2022 – 2023

Ministerial Appointments Committee (MAC)

Pam Braman – Superintendent
Cindi Newman – lay, 2024
Charles Cannon III – lay, 2024
Jim LaBarr – clergy, 2025

Linda Adams – Bishop
(MAC members also serve on MEG Board)

Ministerial Education & Guidance (MEG)

Mike Jones – clergy, 2023
Brian Stewart – lay, 2023
Barb Isaman-Bushart – clergy, 2024
Eric Logan – lay, 2024
Judi Presutti – lay, 2024
Danielle Schoenfelder – clergy, 2025
Carrie Bartoszek – lay, 2025
Andy Haskins – clergy, 2025

Nominating Committee
2022 – 2023

Pam Braman – Superintendent
Marna Distaffen – lay, 2023
Nelson Grimm – clergy, 2023
John Heinike – clergy, 2023
Tina Dolan – lay, 2024
open position – clergy, 2024
Ryan Rovito – clergy, 2025
Kevin Weigel – lay, 2025
open position – lay, 2025

I-MEG (Interviewing Ministerial Education & Guidance)

The I-MEG will expand our ability to interview Conference Ministerial Candidates and Local Ministerial Candidates annually.

Bob Bajak
Brian Bowman
Sandra Burroughs
Jonathan Coates
Colleen Dick
Tina Dolan
Bev Faro
Cristina Flores-Meier
Chris Hoppe-Spink

Joan Hoppe-Spink
Pam Kimmel
Chris Landon
Jacob Liddle
Jenna Lutz
Darlene Mieney
Chris Misciagna
Roberta Mosier-Peterson
Will Mosier-Peterson

Beth Mulkin
Penny Norton
Jordan Rogers
Tedd Smith
Richard Snyder
Lynette Sykora
Jason Tarnowski
Marsha Wathen
Mark Weber

General Conference 2023 Delegates

CLERGY Delegates

Pam Braman
Louis D Colon
Heritage Munyakuri
Dodi McIntyre
Doug Cullum
Jim LaBarr
Adam Stein
Joe Wickman

LAY Delegates

Eric Logan
Rajiv Bala
Cindi Newman
Cathy Albrecht
Charley Canon
Jeannette Wagner
Melanie Proud
Brian Hooker

CLERGY Delegates

Marissa Mattox Heffernon
Joel Shue
Henry Ausby
David Prince

LAY Delegates

Chelsea Leahy
Nancy McGovern
Carissa Vincent