Genesis Rising – Stories from around the Conference


April Moore, the administrative assistant at Encounter Church writes: We had a young family start attending within the last year. Gradually they have become more involved and attend regularly. This young mother reached out to me because I had posted on social media about how I had dealt with depression and anxiety and how God

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Missions Budgeting Guidelines for Genesis Churches


Each church in the Genesis Conference should have a Missions Mobilizer and should give some portion of their overall budget to Free Methodist World Missions (FMWM). More information on local Missions Mobilizer can be found here. When planning your church’s missions giving for 2020, Genesis Conference asks that you give priority to missionaries who have

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News from Mitch & Lynn Sue Pierce


Dear Friends, Thank you for your interest and support for FMWM Europe and for Lynn Sue and me. We count it a privilege to be a friend and a partner in God’s great Kingdom work. In 2013 FMWM Europe was divided into three regions - north, central, south. Bishop Roller asked Lynn Sue and me

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News from GC19: Resolutions


From Todd Daningburg, Genesis GC19 Delegation Chair; and Dave Francis, GC19 Delegate General Conference 2019 passed Resolution 302, updating language in Para. 3221 of the Book of Discipline, on the Dignity and Worth of Persons. With new wording italicized, the resolution begins, "We are committed to the dignity and worth of all humans regardless of gender, race, ethnicity,

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Focus On Finance


Finance in Focus In this season of transitions for some, and travel for others, we wanted to share a few tips relative to employee compensation and reimbursement that might help you as you work with your paid staff and volunteers. Should you have any questions on your operations, or want more information to assure you

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